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Snow Allure Vodka Bottle

Truly Canadian

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Canadian believe and faith in humanity is world-renowned, we cherish and celebrate life for all culture and backgrounds. Our national identity is defined by multiculturalism. Snow Allure Premium Vodka, best tasting vodka in Canada, a Vodka that brings people closer together and a bottle that represent the beautiful landmark, a masterpiece of art from our home town Toronto. For all people in Canadians to be proudly shared with people across the world.

For a richer experience, this artisanal vodka is best enjoyed.

Moscow Mule Cocktail with Lime Slice


The ultra-smooth mouthfeel, and the hint of sweetness is the defining Character for Snow Allure Premium Vodka, the Canada’s best Premium Vodka. It all started at the heart of Alberta which is the source of the organic winter barley, Fully traceable from the field to the bottle.

Three Awards including the Silver Medal for the Sanfrancisco World Spirits Competition, China Wine and Spirits Competition for Best Value, and the Visual Classic Awards for the 2017 Toronto International Photography Festival

Awarded Taste & Design


At the Heart of the “Prettiest City in the World” Stratford Ontario is the birthplace of Snow Allure Premium Vodka. Each drop of Vodka is precisely fermented and goes through a column distillation process to produce the best quality Barely spirits.


To Provide the Ultra Smooth tasting sensation, Our master Distiller individually controls the 6 time distilling process with absolute precision and A Slow Filtration process was carried out three times to give the most desired feel on your pallet, and superior taste from the Handcrafted vodka.

Where to Buy


The LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is an Ontario government enterprise and one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol. Snow Allure Vodka is available in the LCBO online store.

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Available at several stores across Alberta including...

Snicklefritz Wine and Spirits, Liquor Den, CJ's Liquor, Liquor Spot, Plaza Liquor Store, Country Garden Liquor Store, 104 Liquor Bay, Bellarose Liquor Store, Local Liquor Store, Plains Wine Beer & Spirits, Argyll Liquor Link, AD Liquor Mart, Inglewood Liquor Store, Sam's Liquor Store.

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